Since 1906, Smith's American has been a brand built from authentic workers clothing.

In the early years, if you were a tradesman, you most likely wore a pair of Smith's overalls or painter's pants to work. These well-constructed garments made from cotton duck, hickory stripe twill, and indigo denim were the foundations of this genuine workwear company.

For over 100 years, Smith's has maintained its identity and authenticity, molding itself into an American icon. After all, who out there has never owned a pair of Smith's overalls, or doesn't picture the classic Smith's railroad stripe when they hear the brand mentioned?

Smith's American has always been clothing that you can wear, work, and play in. Over the years, the Smith's brand has expanded both nationally and internationally. And yet, even with all its success, Smith's has remained a family-run business for three generations.

Brothers Lenny and Jeff Boshnack are the driving force behind the company. "Our grandfather, if he were alive today, would be so proud to see the direction Smith's has progressed in," says Lenny. "With new looks and cutting-edge fashion, Smith's has managed to maintain its heritage and traditions producing garments 'for work and play.'"

Based in New York City, Smith's has taken off across the country as well as globally, reaching Europe, China, and Japan. And with a large celebrity fan base that includes Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Josh Duhamel, just to name a few, you can be sure that this funky, vintage-looking line is reaching for the stars.

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